The Traveling Haunted Scarepark is coming to town!

For a limited time this Fall, Alliance Skatepark will be transformed into Alliance Scarepark! With Haunted houses, stage shows, games, concessions, photo ops, roaming gangs of monsters, souvenirs, and screams around every corner.

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Celebrating our 50th season!

Weekends in October

Fridays & Saturdays 8pm-12am

Halloween 7pm-10pm


General Admission

  • Includes admission to the Scare Park and all 3 Haunted Houses

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VIP Tickets

(all haunts)

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Tickets available online or on-site.


Thrasher Slashers


A security breach at a top secret facility, known as Sector X, resulted in the escape of a classified specimen known only as LD100. The prognosis for humaity is bleak. You, and the rest of the survivors, must find your way to Silo 59, where your only chance of escape is aboard the spaceship SCF Intrepid. We can only hope your escape to a new planet isn't a worse fate than being left behind.

The House of Four Suits

A secret underground organization called simply "The House Of The Four Suits" has sent you an invite to an old abandoned house connected to an unused and forgotten mortuary. Unfortunately for you, it turns out this group is composed of nothing but cold blooded killers who hunt humans for sport and send the bodies of their victims to be buried in unmarked graves. Your objective is to traverse these decaying hallways and find your way to freedom, before one of the Four Suits finds you!


A curious look at the interior of a derelict submarine leads to tragedy as you find yourself on the bottom of the ocean, being chased by altered and distorted sea life and creatures. Is this nightmare caused by the radiation leak from the sub, or from something far more sinister?


Tickets available online or onsite. We are open rain or shine.

Purchase carefully as there are no refunds. *Tickets limited nightly


Alliance Skatepark

1002 Lone Star Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX
Gate 1